Creativity changes the game.
Great ideas bridge the ultimate mile towards your goal.
(Which is also why you won’t see Messi with an Excel sheet.)
That has always been Gagarin’s belief.
Where we come from Studio Gagarin

In the mid-nineties an agency called oil was started. oil connected spatial design with strategic communication, thus striking a new discipline: live communication. oil was digging deeper and brought up a lot of beautiful work.

Starting as a design agency for temporary surroundings – stands and events – oil gradually evolved into a studio creating strategic work by making objectives and target audience its starting points.

The work we created increasingly turned out to have a longer life than three exhibition days. However, a reputation can be hard to change, we found out. That’s why we break with the past and create a new perspective. Our roots remain deep in the ground, but now we take a viewpoint outside the atmosphere.

After the oil era Paul Pennock has entered a new adventure. A different look at brand surroundings.

On April 12th 2021 Studio Gagarin was launched.
Welcome on board. There’s plenty of space.

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