We are on a mission
Do you believe in the oldest way to communicate? We do.
And we love to create effective settings to make it happen.
We’ll even make an Insta post of it. If you like. It works.
That’s a Gagarin promise.

We’re on a mission

In times of online, web shops and Zoom meetings, ours is not the easiest of missions. Nevertheless, we are sure that personal experience will almost always have a stronger impression. People who have met in person will work together better, learn more, pick up information more easily and get to business more quickly. For maximum interaction and impact the physical surrounding is indispensable.

The personal encounter holds unexpected power, chance and surprise. It’s the offline side of the world that we love to enhance. With spatial design that intrigues, captivates and triggers the imagination. Space for brands. In an environment where stories emerge and dialogue begins.

The oldest way to communicate is the medium of the future, especially when combined with ‘online’. It is Studio Gagarin’s mission to create suitable, surprising surroundings for it.

Because the click between people is often at least as valuable as the click of a mouse.

Studio Gagarin aims at working as sustainably and responsibly as possible. To quote Yuri Gagarin:
“Orbiting Earth in a spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve this beauty, and not destroy it!”

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